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Transportable Home Articles

The Only Home That Really Matters

And so this is the last time. The last time we will eat a meal as a family in the house we have come home to for the past 12 years. Tomorrow another family will move in, choose rooms, paint over the height chart on the wall, make this more

Moving House By Design, Ideal For The Upwardly Mobile

CHRISTINE Pratt has been keeping an eye on the construction of her dream home.

Home, Home On The Roam

M ANUFACTURED home villages and estates are found all over NSW.

Beware Of The Home Loan Starter Offers

BEFORE the last federal election, the then-Treasurer, Ralph Willis, urged home owners to ``phone your bank" for a better rate on mortgages, claiming the big banks were defying gravity by maintaining variable rates around 10.5 per cent. Whether borrowers are considering switching banks or mo

Phantom's Home Away From Home

The musical director of `Phantom of the Opera' is returning to Sydney, leaving behind a home in Hawthorn bearing his stamp. RHONDA DREDGE reports. PEOPLE wear their houses like extensions of their personalities and lifestyles. Some are outrageous, others sombre; some everchanging, others resistan